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Yonsei Intensive Course on demand for Periodontal and Implant surgery ; Perio-Generation 2  Past

  • Dates :  ~   (5)
  • Place :
  • Fee : USD 2,400
  • Course Director : Chang Sung Kim
  • Speakers : Chang Sung Kim
  • Number of Participants : 0~0
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Yonsei Intensive Course on demand for Periodontal and Implant surgery

; “Perio-Generation 2”


* General information

1. Date:  Two-Days(2-2), Three-Days(2-3), and Mini-residency(2-M) Course are available on demand

-Perio-Generation 2 ;  

* ; Two-Days(2-2) or Three-Days(2-3) ;2.8~2.10, 2020

** : Mini-Residency course ; 2.8~2.14, 2020

2. Venue: Yonsei Univ. College of Dentistry, Seoul. Korea

3. Course director: Prof. Chang-Sung Kim

4. Speakers: Prof. Chang-Sung Kim, Prof. Hyun-Seung Shin, and additional speakers on demand

5. Registration fee:
Two-Days Course (Two days out of Three Days course): USD 1000

Three-Days Course (Day1~ Day3): USD 1200

Mini-Residency Course (Day1~ Day 7): USD 2600

6. Number of participants: Min (1) ~ Max (20)

7. Language: English

8. Nationality of participant: International (China, Philippine, Japan, Mongolia etc)


*Course Introduction

Welcome to The course where many dentists come to get informed and inspired! Intensive training course for the implant and periodontal treatment under the guidance of expert faculty is planned. Two-Days(2-2), Three-Days(2-3), and Mini Residency course(2-M) are available. Each day will feature in-depth lectures, intense hands-on workshops, and live video demonstrations. In addition, you can take part in the clinical experience with Live surgery on 1st and 3rd day of the course. However, the program could be reorganized on your demand*; thus, this course can cover the whole theme of periodontal and implant treatment you wish to learn. If you want to enhance clinical career with the course, Mini-residency course focusing on the live surgery is strongly recommended. This course is designed for clinicians looking to deliver the good quality of implant and periodontal treatment to the patients. 

* ; Concerning on the course on demand, please contact the Continuing Education Center or Prof. Chang-Sung Kim(


* Course Photos (3~4 pieces)